Monday, October 1, 2007

Why you do what you do

Have you ever thought about why you so what you do? Why do you go to certain stores and not others? Why do you write with your left hand? Why do you speak with an accent? There are several things in life that we ask why, but what about our christian life? Why do we treat others with respect? Why do we chose to be honest on our income tax? Why do we tell others about the one person who can change their life? Do we do these things because we are trying to be "good" or because it is what is expected of us? Is it because we have been trained to be a christian? Do we function out of tradition? Only each individual can answer those questions, but let me give this challenge. If we do what we do to attract others, please people, or out of habit, then the heart of obedience that God so much desires will not be the drive behind the action. I am so thankful that at the church I serve, we do not sing the songs we sing to attract people or to coerce them into being faithful to church, but we sing to worship the Lord and lift worship to Him. We don't have activities for children to out-do any other church in the area, but to serve children a sweet plate of the gospel and share the good news with them. The next time you share your faith or even go to church, ask yourself...why? I pray it is not the product of years steeped in tradition but rather a heart that longs to serve Jesus Christ and serve others! "Jesus answered "the greatest commandment is this; love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind soul and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself"-Jesus

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