Thursday, January 17, 2008

So whats your point?

Ok here it is. Recently I was watching Television and an ad came accoss the screen that stated the following..."Are you tired of Rock n Roll Music in church? Are you tired of casualy dressed preachers? Are you tired of preachers using everything but the origional KJV bible? Come try "XYZ" Church." As I read that and think about it even now, I am amazed at how biblicaly void those statements are! It seems that we have gotten out of the bussiness of reaching people with the gospel and gotten into the spiritual rut of trying to clean people up before we win them! Rock and Roll music is not what is killing churches, it is legalistic teaching that majors more on opinions than the word of God! When scripture states "How will they hear without a preacher?" it does not follow up with "Who will use the King James Version". And as far as dress code goes, if we want to get right down to it, a suit and tie is something that only the wealthy and Pharisees would have worn as they falsely worshiped in front of huge crowds so they could be seen. Please do not misunderstand, Suit and tie is great if that is what you worship in, but I have felt God just the same in khakis and a polo shirt. It's time in our culture that we stop beating people to death with our opinions and begin sharing our faith in confidence knowing that when we lift up Jesus and not out argument for or against something minor, that HE will draw people to himself. The church has become so good at slamming another church because of their "style". If we want to take a passionate stand for something, lets find those churches who have blatantly subverted the word of God and allowed the pastor to preach out of other books rather than the bible. Stand against those people who call themselves Christian but would vote and support a presidential candidate who would sign back into law, partial birth abortions. Find the truths in God's word and stand for those things, not against churches who are reaching others for the Kingdom of Christ! Do I use the KJV? Not usualy but I do study out of it from time to time. Do I like the contemporary music in church? Yes, as well as some of the songs of old that are great pillars of our worship! Do I dress casualy in church? I put clothes on that are fitting to wear in the presence of a king and I come to praise him, not admire wardrobes! What is my point? That majoring on issues in place of lost people, is pointless!