Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work it up or wait for it?

Isn't it funny how we view Gods presence and worship sometimes? I mean we come into the music service and think that because we lift our hands, or sing loudly or even dance around, that God is going to respond and "send his spirit" in a special way because we have "convinced" Him to do so with our actions. When we think through this kind of theology, its not very biblical, and actually is very "cult" like. If the way to get Gods attention is through something that we do, or the entire service is focused on getting God to "move" then we have missed our mark! In fact, working up the presence of God or competing for His touch, is exactly what was happening with the prophets of Baal when Elijah encountered them at Mount Carmel(I Kings 18:16-39). They were not seeking the One true God, but were trying to get thier god to notice them. There was Gods man facing a showdown with a heathen group of people, needing only to ask God for His power while all the while, the prophets of Baal were shouting, cursing, even cutting themselves to get their God to move. How sad to serve something or somebody that would only re-act to you because of what you do for them, when our God has already did everything for us. Which is the whole reason that we come to worship together. The whole point of our singing, clapping, raising hands, dancing, shouting and celebration is to respond to what God has already accomplished through Jesus Christ His Son (Ps66)! We bring our best offering because He loved us first(Ps 136:2)! We do everything with excellence because He gave His best(John 3:16)! We dont have to work up the Spirit of God, because He lives in us (Jn 14:17), and wants to move and bless his people. He empowers us to live for Him, so that His kingdom will expand and those on the outside will know, its not about what you do, but its all about what He has done and continues to do in those who will trust Him!