Thursday, October 18, 2007

The buzz

October has been a very busy month and November promises to be another month to be remembered! God has continued to bless things at the creek in almost every ministry. The children's ministry is running over 100 and many of those are new faces who have given their hearts to Christ. The student ministry is ever expanding and the church as a whole is seeing many peoples lives changed by the power of God. It is something awesome to be known as a church that is on fire, exploding, vibrant and unique. As I write this, I think back on today when I met about 5 different people all over our region who upon finding out that I was at the creek, proceeded to tell me all of the great things they hear about the church. It is so great to know that God is using us in such an awesome way, but with all of those blessings come lots of responsibility. My prayer is that we will be faithful to always give God credit, love people unconditionally, preach the gospel, be humble, and lift Jesus so high that nothing we do will shift the glory from Him to us. The buzz is that the creek is doing some amazing things, and it is all because of Jesus Christ!

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