Friday, June 27, 2008

Change is not a campaign slogan, its a promise of God!

As I watch the news this afternoon, I see the campaign slogan "Change". My question is, what is this candidates definition of change? The word of God tells us that we are promised change, but only when God is made Lord of our life and he takes the old away and gives us the new. Change does not happen when a new party takes over our political system. It does not happen when a new person assumes the role of president. Change does not happen because we do something different. Change does happen when we allow Jesus Christ to be in charge and lead us in the right direction. When we read more of God's word and follow it closely. When we spend time talking with God, trusting Him and imitating Him. That is when change comes. There will never be a better picture of unity than God's people standing together to proclaim the gospel to the entire world! My prayer is that we will in this upcoming election, that America will not vote based on promises of change that is promised to America but for change that has already taken place in a candidates life.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Music Recomendation

The new Gateway Church Worship album "Awaken The Earth", is awesome! If you like worship music, this CD is the one to listen to over and over. God has blessed this church to write some incredible worship music over the past 3 years. Songs like Revelation Song, You Are God and others seem to be the standard of excellence with this church. You can find it on itunes under gateway worship.

God and the Universe

What a great message by Pastor Trevor yesterday at the creek! Imagine how large our universe is, and how much greater our God is! Why do we sometimes give him praise in such small amounts when He is so big? I think it has something to do with the way we view Him. I heard it said once that our worship is a reflection of how we view God. If we really saw Him as our Savior and creator of the universe then I believe our worship would take on a new form. The way we worship sometimes, makes me think that we view God as a mere dignitary or CEO. The God I serve is not a life sized thing or title, He is the great I AM! He is the creator of the world and redeemer of all man kind from beginning to the end! As you worship Him, keep in mind that He is a big God who deserves Big praise, so as David said, let's make His praise LOUD!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Music: The Brooklyn Tabernacle

For those of you who like music, let me suggest the Brooklyn Tabernacles new CD, "I'll Say Yes". This is a great addition to any praise and worship or choral collection. The title track says it best when the question is asked of us by the Lord, "Will you be willing to serve me?" This album is both inspiring and eclectic, ranging from typical praise and worship such as "Holy Is The Lord" and Worthy Is The Lamb" to Choral ballads such as"How I Love The Name" and "Ill Say Yes". Another home run for Carol Cymbala and the BTC.

Childhood Games: The Name Game

I am so amazed that people who claim to be part of the body of Christ get caught up in so many childish games. You know the ones I am talking about. For example, "Follow The Leader", the game where different people in the church want to be in control and tell everybody else what to do. Or what about "Red Rover"? That's where people dare others to cross the line and just "try something". But my favorite is the "Blame Game". Yes, that's right, the game that church people play by blaming other people or churches for the problems that they have caused themselves. I have to admit, it intrigues me when people use slander, gossip and other tactics of the devil to carry out a "righteous call to spread the truth". Gods word tells me that we are to speak the truth in Love not be ticked off when things don't go my way and blame everybody and start calling names. I am thankful that the God I serve is a God of Love and compassion and he still cares about us even when we play our games. I really wonder sometimes if God is not calling the church to "GROW UP", and act like the one we are called to serve!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So whats your point?

Ok here it is. Recently I was watching Television and an ad came accoss the screen that stated the following..."Are you tired of Rock n Roll Music in church? Are you tired of casualy dressed preachers? Are you tired of preachers using everything but the origional KJV bible? Come try "XYZ" Church." As I read that and think about it even now, I am amazed at how biblicaly void those statements are! It seems that we have gotten out of the bussiness of reaching people with the gospel and gotten into the spiritual rut of trying to clean people up before we win them! Rock and Roll music is not what is killing churches, it is legalistic teaching that majors more on opinions than the word of God! When scripture states "How will they hear without a preacher?" it does not follow up with "Who will use the King James Version". And as far as dress code goes, if we want to get right down to it, a suit and tie is something that only the wealthy and Pharisees would have worn as they falsely worshiped in front of huge crowds so they could be seen. Please do not misunderstand, Suit and tie is great if that is what you worship in, but I have felt God just the same in khakis and a polo shirt. It's time in our culture that we stop beating people to death with our opinions and begin sharing our faith in confidence knowing that when we lift up Jesus and not out argument for or against something minor, that HE will draw people to himself. The church has become so good at slamming another church because of their "style". If we want to take a passionate stand for something, lets find those churches who have blatantly subverted the word of God and allowed the pastor to preach out of other books rather than the bible. Stand against those people who call themselves Christian but would vote and support a presidential candidate who would sign back into law, partial birth abortions. Find the truths in God's word and stand for those things, not against churches who are reaching others for the Kingdom of Christ! Do I use the KJV? Not usualy but I do study out of it from time to time. Do I like the contemporary music in church? Yes, as well as some of the songs of old that are great pillars of our worship! Do I dress casualy in church? I put clothes on that are fitting to wear in the presence of a king and I come to praise him, not admire wardrobes! What is my point? That majoring on issues in place of lost people, is pointless!