Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get A New Song

So many artists, so many songs! It seems that there are millions of options when it comes to new songs to sing and learn. I am constantly looking for new material for the worship team but sometimes because I am so picky, there arent too many songs that catch my attention, not to mention my ADD prevents me from listening to a song in its entirety sometimes.(that was a joke although totally plausible) I was reading just this morning about a new song. It was a melody and chorus that only comes from living a life for Jesus and serving Him. I began to ask myself, how do you get this song, how do you keep it? Its really not that hard, simply seek the Lord! Some people say that they do seek Him but cant find Him, but isnt that contrary to His word? He told us that if we would seek, we would find. When I found Christ, I found my song, and it is so beautiful! Every believer has a song, the question is, are you singing it? Maybe you have asked the same questions I have about finding your song or keeping it, if so here are some things God gave me during my quiet time.
Psalm 40 gives us a great road map to follow... First, you have to actually seek God! Thats right, there is some action required to this christian life. For some reason we think its ok to sit idle and expect God to come to us, but thats not what Psalms tells us, it calls us to action and tells us SEEK! Isaiah 55 confirms this with its admonishon to "Seek the Lord while He may be found". We find that which we seek after most. No wonder so many times life gets messed up. We are seeking to gain wealth, prosperity, recognition, large homes,position, power, everything but God! Most times when I find myself in trouble its because I stopped seeking God and went after selfish ambition. The second step is to allow God to do His work! The Psalmist tells us that God drew him out of the pit, and thank God that He still does that today. People I have encountered are usually in distress and want to stay there. They are happy with people always worried about them, comfortable with drama and ok with mediocre. They know nothing else but the pit so they are comfortable and dont allow God to move them. The best advice I was ever given concerning Gods move was, sit still and let Him. That is harder than it sounds, but its part of learning to "Wait on the Lord". If God is offering a hand, dont just smile, jump in His arms and let Him work in and through you. The next step is very difficult, especially if you dont allow God to be in total control, and that is "Trust the plan". When a platoon of soldiers go into battle, the first have a plan, and no matter what happens, you stick to the plan. You dont question, you cant disagree, you simply follow the stratagy and trust your life to your leaders judgement. That is what God is asking of us and assures us in verse 2 that our steps are secure! You might not always have a clue about the next step but you can be sure that its safe, as long as you are in Gods arms. Life has alot of blind curves, road blocks, obstacles and pit falls. The only way to survive is to let God give you the plan and simply follow it. The last point is easy but only comes after steps 1-3. You can get out of sync and you cant skip a step. When you seek, allow and trust thats when you learn that through the process of heartache, pain, somtimes joy and peace, there was a song being written. Before God places a song in your heart, He has to write the music of your life. If you are still holding on to the pen, dont expect the melody to be so sweet. But if you let go and trust thats when you will begin to sing! Sing your song loud! Sing your song to anyone who will listen and glorify God in the fact that your light is shining and the waiting, hoping and hurting is over, and now you can sing your new song. It might be a song of hope. It could be a song of praise. Maybe a song of deliverannce or grattitude. No matter what it will be a song of Love, to the only one who could have written it in a way only He knows how, and when God speaks a new song, it doesnt come from an earthly artist, but a heavenly author, and it will be a best seller!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Worship

It is a brand new year, and I am sure that there are many of you who have made resolutions to be a better you. Some have resolved to lose weight, some have resolved to read books, some have even decided to be nicer to people. I have resolved several things myself but one that I want to be most intense is to be a better worshipper. I want to be more passionate and more intentional to read His word and be more like him. To be more focused in the corporate worship service and be a better example of an expressive worshipper. After all God created us as emotional beings and worship should be part emotion and an outward expression of the great inward change and touch of God! What about you? Are you satisfied with your worship? If not, its a great time to make a change and resolve to give God more of yourself! After all, that's what He is after anyway!!!!