Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Man With A Mission

Speaking of a mission God has given us a big one! The Whole World!!! It is a big mission but HE is a BIG God, and he has given those of us at "the creek" the vision to accomplish the mission. Today was another great day at HCBC. With 4 baptisms, 2 salivations and 3 coming to be a part of the creek family. The morning service was awesome with almost 400 people in attendance, but the the evening service rolled around with close to 300. WOW It is so awesome to see a people that loves God enough to come back and fill His house up on a Sunday night! Not only did they come but they worshiped God with everything it seemed that was inside of them. As I close this day, I am so thankful that God has placed me and Mel at HCBC and given us a mission, a vision, and the passion to see it come to pass. Jesus was the man with the mission, and HE has passed it on to us, not just at Hawk Creek, but to every church that names the name of Christ! That means the churches in London, Corbin, Lexington, Knoxville and America have been given the same mission and it should be the man who gave us the mission that guides us and stirs us to go farther, worship harder, tell more people and do anything that it takes to see that Mission accomplished

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AMEN! Erica and I are so glad that He has placed us at HCBC as well and given us such good friends as you and Melissa. I'm pumped up about what's to come!!! To God be the glory!