Friday, September 21, 2007

The plan

This has definitely been a long week! Please don't think that I am complaining, but just giving you a fact. God has reminded me of an important lesson this week in the midst of the hustle and activity. He is still in control and has a good reason for what He does. This week began with a swift trip to Frankfort, then several awesome ministries to work on. After an awesome service at the creek Sunday with 8 saved, four baptized and many re dedications, that kind of start to the week meant no rest, but God still had a plan. On Wednesday I left for a conference, then back a day early to take care of some business back home. Again, rushed but still reminded that God has a plan. In life we need to remember to go with the flow, and trust God, not become so ticked off or "frazzled" that we lose sight of who is in control. What was the reason or the plan God had this whirlwind week? I am still not sure but I know this because His word is clear....God has a plan!

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