Saturday, August 18, 2007

The End Of Summer is just the begining!

Summer temperatures have been very hot! Over 100 degrees for several days. But cooler days are coming, according to the weather lady. Even though things are cooling down outside, they are heating up at the creek! I am amazed at how God blesses a church once they become obedient to Him and Him alone. I am thankful for the holy spirit that He gives us to refresh us and remind us of His unfailing live. And I am in suspense of what God is going to do next. In the bible, God used people throughout history who were normal, cracked vessels, but yet they were obedient. In our personal lives, I believe that God would do so much more if we would be obedient and just go where He leads and not where we meander off to. He tells us in Psalm that He leads beside still waters. This scripture does not say that he stands by the water and watches us walk by ourselves but it implies that God, through His spirit, leads us into places that we can rest, regroup and get back into the fight for the gospel! I believe that God is finished leading us beside the still waters for now, but praise God, He is still leading and it will be into the greatest days our church and congregation has ever seen!

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