Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Super Bowl Blitz

Seems like everybody is getting ready for the Super Bowl. I go to Wal-Mart, and there are signs everywhere. Go to the grocery store, and even Coca Cola, and that other drink have arranged their displays in the shape of football fields. Even people who don't like athletics are getting into the action, buying t-shirts of teams they have no idea about. I am excited about another opportunity to share Christ, at the Super Bowl Blitz! That's right, February 4th, Hawk Creek Church will rent the entire bowling alley in London, to give students in the area to bowl for free while watching the Super Bowl on a wall screen TV. We will also give away I-Pods, PS2, DVD, Cd's and other cool stuff. Why would a church spend money on such an event? Because we want to impact the culture for Jesus, and by doing so loving people. Loving them to the point that they see something in us that they want, that is the light of Christ. We want to be the salt of the earth not just a tasteless good for nothing substance. What better way to worship the Lord, than by serving Him through serving others. I am excited to see what the Lord does through this event, this might turn out to be a SUPER SIZED GOD THING!

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