Monday, January 15, 2007

A New Covenant or Just Convienience?

I was recently reading that former leaders of our country have decided that it is time that a new Baptist denomination is formed. One that would promote more open mindedness as well as become more sympathetic to the environment. The basis for their argument was to state that the Southern Baptist Convention was not helpful enough when it came to disasters that affected individuals nor tolerant enough of homosexuals and abortion rights advocates. Let me say that I am a Southern Baptist, but my views on social issues are not dictated by my denomination but by my conviction that the Word of God is my moral compass. This fact is not so for those at the helm of this "New Baptist Covenant". They have taken the Word of God and tried to make it the word of man. Letting minority opinion and political gain be the guide used to build a base. When denominations sidestep the Bible, then they are in no way a Christian, Evangelical or God fearing denomination. I pray for those that are teetering on the line of decision to join the new Covenant, that they will weigh the scripture against the vision of this new movement. Where are the plans to reach people around the world with not just clean drinking water but living water? I challenge each of you to read the Bible, and stand firm in your convictions no matter what winds of change blow.

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