Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Servant Worshipper

When we think of worship leaders or even teams, some people automatically think of performers or "stars" of the service. There are some places where the platform people are even treated as such. I remember leading worship in one church when I used to travel and a lady and her husband picked me up from the airport in a limo. They carried my bags for me, tipped the driver and then upon arriving at the hotel ordered room service for me to eat. By the end of the week I was spoiled, and felt like royalty. This couple would sit with me each night, carrying my folder and bible in for me, provided fresh water for me during practices and run through and then re fresh my bottle of water before I walked out on the platform to lead. The last day there I asked this sweet couple, who had been in charge of my care, exactly why they were so sweet to me. The reply was simple. We wanted to serve the servants of God! I began to think about that and realized that each of us are called to be servants of God, so why cant I serve the same way they did? In serving me, they were serving the Lord. When we serve others around us, God is not only pleased but glorified. Even Jesus himself said that He came to serve not be served. If you are a pastor, worship leader, deacon or any other kind of leader, ask God to make you are servant and teach you how to serve others in worship. You might say that this couple went too far, and maybe so because I am definitely not a star or a performer, however when God told us to love people like we love ourselves, I'm pretty sure that means loving and serving others to the extreme! Who are you serving today? Are you placing anybody in front of your own desires or wants?

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