Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11, 2001

The song has been playing in my head all day, "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning". The images have been flooding my mind like a photo album. Even during my quiet time this morning, my heart seem to cry for the victims, families and for our country. For the first time in our countrys history, terrorist had succeeded in striking not only physically but mentally, the entire nation, for a moment, cripiling us all with fear and tradgedy. I remember well, the place and time when I first heard the news and saw for myself the second plane hit the towers. I remember the thoughts I was thinking and the confusion I felt. And even though I remember the tradgedy, and chaos, today I also remember the heros, resolve and faith that became so important to so many. Some said that everything fell apart that day. Some remark that nobody was in charge on that beautiful bittersweet day. Some responded in panic believing that all hell had broken loose. During my drive back home that afternoon, even I had asked God if this would be the last time I would see my family or even have a normal life again. I asked questions through my tears, how could God allow this to happen in America, and "God what is next?". In those moments when darkness seemed to cover our nation and fear overshadowed my faith, God whispered gently to my heart, "I AM still I AM. Nothing will remove me from my throne". Today, our nation remembers the tragedy, but may we never forget the triumph of Christ 2000 years before that can assure us that personal, national or international crisis, He is still in control even when we aren't. May we never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to rescue those in the towers and Pentagon and those who may have saved thousands of other in the fields of Pennsylvania. So much to remember, how can we ever forget. Thanks be to God for His protection and love. May God bless the families still grieving their loss, may He give peace to those still restless, may God bless America once more! We will never forget!

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