Monday, May 4, 2009

Practice makes perfect, but who needs perfection.

It is said that practice makes perfect, and many people hold to this idea. Please don't think I am discounting the discipline of practice, but sometimes I think we expect a monumental outcome. I do believe that practice is needed and a very important part of any worship ministry or any other talent or ministry, but to use the statement that guarantees perfection, is a stretch. I think many times we spend more time trying to be perfect in our worship practices than actually preparing for worship. How many of us actually practice our worship? There should be some un-rest if we spend more time preparing the stage, than the heart of the platform personalities. We should practice spending time in God's word, seeking God's face and listening to His voice. I mean actually living out our christian walks day after day, trying to give God our all! There is also something to be said for the actual physical side of ministry. I say that we should spend many hours in practice and preparation because while perfection may not happen with practice, our best will. I think it was said well by former basketball star Ed Macauley "Just remember that if you are not working at your game to the best of your ability there will be somebody out there with just as much talent as you, that will be working to the best of their ability, and they will out preform you!" In ministry, as well as life, lets put our time and energy into practice as much as possible, so that when the time comes to actually lead worship, play our instrument, or just shine for Christ, we will be at our best for Christ, that is humanly possible!

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Ed Goodman said...

Well said, Daniel! The minute you've "got it all figured out" is the minute you're missing the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a great reminder for ministers in all areas of the Kingdom!