Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Great Commision

If you look online, or even in many publications in Southern Baptist life, you can't miss the fact that there is something on the horizon that promises to be as big if not larger than the "Conservative Resurgence" that our mentors helped to bring about in the late 70's and early 80's. It is something that I believe to be very important and long over due. This is something that will change not only the face of the SBC but possibly the landscape of our nation. What is this great thing I am talking about? A Great Commission Resurgence! A call to start fulfilling the calling God has given all Christians, and share our faith. Giving resources, time, energy and anything else that we can in spreading the gospel. To re-focus our giving and structure toward making a lasting difference for the Lord Jesus! We have become so proud that we "give to the co-operative program" and we give to "missions" and we give to the "association", but what happened to us giving ourselves to the Lord and "going" and not just "giving". In my 12 years of ministry, I have been able to work with hundreds of churches of all sizes, denominations and races, and one thing is true across the board; the great commission is void in our actions and mission of the local church. Oh sure, the "mission statement" that most churches have over the door is to "be a great commission church" but when asked what that means, the only answer is "we give money to the association to send out missionaries." Another popular answer is " we are part of the SBC". There was even one church leader that once told me, that the only reason that his church gave to the association or convention was so his Pastor and other staff could be leaders in the denomination. Another pastor, admitted that his church only gave because the annuity was so good. When did we replace our redeemer with recognition and retirement? At what point did we become so concerned with being on committees than being committed to serving others and the Lord? It seems that we have become obsessed with the business of the church, but sadly the tasks that we are trying to accomplish have no eternal perspective and fails miserably at being the church that Christ died for. My prayer is not that a great war is waged or even that we find a great leader and follow them, but the cry of my heart is, to follow the leader we already have in Christ, and lets do what we were commanded to do in the first place! It has been said that we won the battle for the bible, and I am thankful for those who fought the fight and stood strong, but if you are not going to obey the words of the bible, what did we really win? It is time! Today! Share your faith, preach and sing the gospel! Ask yourself the question, "What are the results of what I am doing for the Kingdom?" "Could this money be used better for the Kingdom?" Take some resources and pour them into serving your community or neighbor, sharing the gospel through your own church, and see if God will not bless it! It will take courage, and action, but one thing is for sure, if you will take action, God will give you the courage to follow through! And when we act, that is living a lifestyle of worship!

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