Friday, June 27, 2008

Change is not a campaign slogan, its a promise of God!

As I watch the news this afternoon, I see the campaign slogan "Change". My question is, what is this candidates definition of change? The word of God tells us that we are promised change, but only when God is made Lord of our life and he takes the old away and gives us the new. Change does not happen when a new party takes over our political system. It does not happen when a new person assumes the role of president. Change does not happen because we do something different. Change does happen when we allow Jesus Christ to be in charge and lead us in the right direction. When we read more of God's word and follow it closely. When we spend time talking with God, trusting Him and imitating Him. That is when change comes. There will never be a better picture of unity than God's people standing together to proclaim the gospel to the entire world! My prayer is that we will in this upcoming election, that America will not vote based on promises of change that is promised to America but for change that has already taken place in a candidates life.

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