Saturday, July 21, 2007

Never too old to be a camper!

It has been a great week. I had the opportunity for the 9th year to lead worship at Camp Jubilee in Tennessee. There were over 100 students there and over 20 saved! How awesome to see lives changed. I had a pretty busy schedule on Friday so I came home late Thursday night in order to get a jump start on it. We ended our VBS at The Creek by having a worship service for the parents and community Friday night. There were 3 saved, one of those being a parent of one of the kids. We also baptized 17 during the service making a total of 41 this month alone. It has been a great month and I am looking forward to the months to come. There are more lost parents, more lost children, more un-churched and more people that need the love of Christ. In fact, there are enough people that if ever church would be passionate about sharing the gospel, our sanctuaries and worship centers would not contain the numbers, but heaven would definitely have space for them and more!

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