Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Go team go!

Envision Update (Building): No word today, but things still look good. Pray that God will grant favor to HCBC, and continue to guide leadership as decisions are made.

Alright, so what team do you cheer for? For me, of course I cheer for Kentucky Wildcats, and various hometown teams. But what about in the church world? First of all what would you consider a team in the wide world of faith? Would you consider your church in itself as a team? What about your denomination? Would pitting one student ministry against another be categorized as teams? I believe that God has placed all of us who name the name of Christ to be on the same team, and further more, do whatever it takes to make sure the gospel reaches the most desolate places on earth. It breaks my heart when I hear of one church degrading and trying to undermine another gospel preaching church. Yet more and more it seems that congregations all around the country become distraught when another fellowship begins to gain "points" or pull ahead in "the game". This is not at all what Jesus had in mind when he told us to "Love the brethren" or to "serve one another". My prayer is not that Hawk Creek become the "best team" or the biggest church, but it is that our vision and heartbeat remains the heart beat of Jesus, to reach the world with the gospel! If we will do that, then our lifestyle of worship will be consistent with the great commission! To borrow a phrase from Ronnie Floyd, "It is more important to remember who you are in the kingdom, that what you do".

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