Saturday, April 10, 2010

People...From home!

I had an idea recently, and hope each one of you find it interesting. I was thinking back about my childhood and the different people that God used to impact my life. Some I remember, were just sweet people living life, others were spiritual mentors. My mind went back to the simple things like, things that were said, actions I had observed and mistakes that I remembered others making. I thought about times that I messed up and those I looked up to giving me advice. Then I began to wonder if my kids would ever have people like these giants in thier lives. If this generation was really being poured into the way I was. So in a feeble effort to preserve some great advice and stories, I want to write a series of posts about people I grew up around and lessons learned from them. If you read this article, I want your feedback. Below I will give you several choices of people that impacted my life from back home, along with a brief description of each. If you would, please email me and vote for one of them by giving me the name you would like to read about first! Please use the email...

1. Thomasa Risner- My music teacher from K-5 through High School.
2. Buddy Mike- Local Milk man, who always had a good word and a special suprise.
3. Aunt Helen- Better known as Miss Hillwig...Loving, sweet and sassy.
4. Preacher Bingham- Childhood Pastor...Pastored same church 52 yrs
5. Mama Pearly- Prayer warrior, woman of God...Always at Pearlies gate.
6. J.R- Playing golf with peanuts and a coke.

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