Monday, November 12, 2007

New is not always good

First let me update you on the creek! Yesterday was absolutely amazing. With 4 salvations, 8 joining the church and several re-dedications, God's presence was definitely in the house. The congregation was singing loud and giving God everything during worship, and the message was very anointed, giving each person the truth in love from the Bible. So here we are, another election over with in Kentucky, and a new governor has been elected. The people of the commonwealth has chosen a man who stands for expanded gambling, and refuses to take a stand on the ten commandments. So is this new governor a good thing? We read of new buildings going up, new businesses being starts, new people taking positions, but what makes new things bad things? I believe the answer lies in if the subject in question glorifies God or not should determine the answer. In life we can come up with so many reasons to put out the old of anything and bring in the new, but if the new is not needed and is not used to glorify God then why not stick with the old.

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